What We do

The Dunbar trades association is a long serving business association which features some of the best local business talent working together to improve the local economic environment.

We do this by volunteering our time, putting capital into local events and projects. Our projects can be split into three categories


We have a number of initiatives we use to Promote both Dunbar and the local businesses:

  • Discover Dunbar Brochures: highlighting some of the great things on offer in Dunbar we publish, print and distribute over 400,000 of these leaflets annually across the globe.
  • Website: Giving insight to would be visitors and interested locals.
  • Pop Up Events: Showcasing local business at our pop up gazebo across many local events from Sci Fest to Civic Week and more.
  • Touch Screen tourist information: our aim is to get a number of touch screen tourist info kiosks across the EH42 area to highlight the services available locally alongside the history.


The Trades association work hard to bring events which both attract and retain visitors to our area, providing much needed boost to local independent Businesses.

  • Busker Saturday: working along with local music talent we have regular music performances both inside shops and on our High street adding to the ambiance of the town making it a more enjoyable experience. We also have this year a Dunbar Busker CD for sale
  • Kite Flying: Internationally renowned Kite Flyer with large scale kites visible from around East Lothian.
  • Window Competitions: Bringing people to the High street by featuring competitions based in the window displays of high street shops.
  • Art Displays: featuring street art and paintings projects and events.
  • Town Centre Tours: Featuring history tours and special holiday themed tours for visitors and locals to learn more about Dunbar History.


Whether it's financial support or complimentary events we work with local groups and events to ensure the traders capture and support the events that make Dunbar a community.

  • Prize donations for large events
  • Window competitions to compliment local events
  • Providing financial assistance to local groups working on events.
  • Provide support for new projects like Town Catalyst to ensure the sustainability of our high street.
  • Free advertising and promotion of events locally.
  • Free advertising of local non profit groups on our website boosting their profile to visitors and locals.