Tree-ditions Woodland Crafts School

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We are located just outside Dunbar close to Stenton Village.

Tree-ditions Woodland Crafts School is the Lothian’s Premier Bushcraft, Survival and Green Woodworking location for leisure and learning experiences!  Situated in over 25 acres of Planted Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS). We offer an immersion in nature with hands on learning using treeditional and contemporary tools and skills used for bushcraft, survival and green wood product creation.
In  woodland near Stenton in East Lothian.

Getting in touch with us will help you get back in touch with nature and your skills as a maker!
We hope you'll agree, there's not much that's more satisfying than spending quality leisure time outdoors in a beautiful setting.

Learning bushcraft and survival skills allows you to make that connection with nature and to extend your quality time outdoors. This can often involve the satisfaction of making something useful with your own fair hand. 

Our primitive technology courses look at making and doing things our ancestors would have, tools, clothes and hunting weapons.

With green woodworking and coppice crafts you will work the same tools and natural local materials which not so long ago would have been used throughout the country. These provided us with the day to day household articles and kitchen utensils such as spoons and spatulas, chairs, stools, tables, bowls. In fact most things that were made of wood would be created using these tools and techniques providing us with simple every day things.
We will help you do this using first class tuition, tree-ditional skills, natural materials and a beautiful woodland setting with stunning views over East Lothian's countryside and coast.

For thousands of years humans have lived with their environment, using the resources at hand to make life comfortable. It's only the last few hundred that we've used 'modern' technology. In some cases this has steered us away from our natural setting. I'd argue that we are hard wired to nature and thrive when were in it, so make some time for yourself to thrive and we'll see you in the woods.