Do it John Muir’s way

John Muir spent a lot of his time and energy on the trail. He sauntered through the wilderness in his own company!

To do this safely he had the skills necessary to be comfortable and confident which allowed him to flourish. These skills are what would these days be termed bushcraft and survival skills they would have been common knowledge to many people back then.

Today we are so far removed from spending time in nature they are all but lost to the common man.

You can change that! At Tree-ditions we run bushcraft and survival courses where you can learn to use the same outdoor skills as John Muir would have used.

John Muir invented and created things from wood. We can’t teach you how to invent but we can teach you how to create things from wood.

Green woodworking is the craft of making rustic furniture and other useful household utensils and camp items. All from freshly cut timber using treeditional hand tools.

Tree-ditions Woodland Crafts School is the Lothian’s Premier Bushcraft, Survival and Green Woodworking location for leisure and learning experiences.

We are located just outside Dunbar close to Stenton Village.