September Cycling Celebrations - with Belhaven Bikes

Belhaven Bikes have much to celebrate, and offer, this month!

Cycle to Work Day 2015

Firstly, they are again joining in with the Cycle to Work Day event offering cyclists Free Bike Health Checks leading up to to Thursday 3rd September. This is to ensure those taking part in Cycle to Work Day are riding their bikes in tip-top condition. Free Bike Health Checks are essentially MOTs for bikes – a qualified Cytech professional will check over the bike in their workshop and make recommendations for any further servicing that may need to take place.

Get your bike checked over for free at Belhaven Bikes and get yourself ready for

- Cycle to Work Day! 

  • Free Bike Health Checks are being offered now on the run up to Cycle to Work Day – 3rd September 2015
  • Regular bike maintenance can prolong the life of your bike

Free bike safety checks are offered by Belhaven Bikes all year round so they are more than happy to offer this specifically on the run up to Cycle to Work Day.

They are also repeating their offer of free bike hire on Cycle to Work Day itself. So if you don’t happen to have a bike at the moment but would like to take part in Cycle to Work Day, you can hire a bike from them, free of charge for that day, to discover the benefits of cycling to work. 

Tour of Britain 2015

It’s very exciting to have the Tour of Britain coming through East Lothian for the first time on Wednesday 9th September.

The Tour of Britain is British Cycling's premier road cycling event and the UK's largest annual free-to-spectate sporting event.

With a history traceable back to the 1950s, the Tour of Britain has existed in various guises over the years, with the modern edition being revived in 2004 by British Cycling. The Tour of Britain is now a cornerstone of the sporting year and the UK's biggest cycle race.

In order to celebrate the occasion Belhaven Bikes are extending their offer of free bike safety checks to include Wednesday 9th September, Stage 4 of the Tour of Britain. They will also offer free hire the day the Tour of Britain comes through East Lothian so anyone who feels inspired to cycle but doesn’t have a bike, can do so!


Happy 10th Birthday

Belhaven Bikes are celebrating ten years in business this September!

Their birthday year got off to a brilliant start when they were finalists in the UK’s Best Small Shop competition. Then, they very much enjoyed taking part in the inaugural Dunbar Street Art Trail in April and in June had a pedal-tastic, fundraising visit from Sean Batty and the STV Appeal team. Earlier this month they had a MADD visit from the MGP scooter stunt team which was great fun with scoot competitions, autographs and giveaways.

Belhaven Bikes would like to thank all their customers for supporting them over the years. The kind words, little gifts, friendship and of course the banter is all much appreciated!

They are coinciding their birthday celebration with the Tour of Britain. So, on Wednesday 9th September please pop into their shop for some Belhaven Bikes birthday cake and help them celebrate!

Belhaven Bikes looks forward to serving the community and beyond,

for many years to come!  

For more information or to book a hire or bike check, call Belhaven Bikes on 01368 860300, email or pop into the shop; Belhaven Bikes, Rigg Service Station, Dunbar, East Lothian EH42 1DE