History of Dunbar Swords Loaves and Fishes New Print 2015 Edition

The immensely popular history of Dunbar, Swords Loaves and fishes is set to be released in updated form on 1st December 2015. You can pre order a copy online from rjmpugh.co.uk

Author Roy Pugh has brought to life the history of Dunbar in this comprehensive collection of historical information about the royal borough of Dunbar, which sits on the East Coast of Scotland and has been the site of many nationally important conflicts. Chapters included in the History of Dunbar (Swords, Loaves & Fishes):

– History of Dunbar Castle & the Earls of Dunbar

– History of the Church pre and post reformation

– Forgotten writers of Dunbar

– Selected trade, industry and commerce

– Military History of Dunbar from 18th-20th Century

– Health and Social Welfare

– Dunbar as a holiday resort

– Nearby Lammermuir Hills

The original release of Swords, Loaves and Fishes was hugely popular both nationally and locally with copies unavailable, which has led to the repress and updating of this book. This book offers you the chance to own a comprehensive guide to the history of Dunbar, pre order your copy now!