A date with the Dragons for Dunbar business

Visorcat, which enables motorcyclists to keep their visors clean while riding, and directors Jill and Alan Boulton

 Picture Credit: BBC

Picture Credit: BBC


TWO directors of a Lothians-based motorcycle business have appeared on the BBC TV programme Dragons’ Den (Sunday, 17 August).

The brother and sister showcased their award-winning product, Visorcat, in Episode 5 of the 12th series, which was broadcast at 8pm on BBC2.

“Appearing on Dragons’ Den was a brilliant experience,” said Jill, 49, the company’s managing director, who lives in Dunbar with her partner and fellow director Andy Pringle. “While we didn’t get an offer, it was great fun appearing on the show and was worth all the hard work. Alan rightly said that Visorcat deserved to be seen on TV, and I think we would have regretted it if we had turned down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Visorcat got a well-deserved airing on the BBC. That’s a great result!”

Jill’s brother Alan, 45, from York, who said: “There was some banter in the Den and Peter Jones used the opportunity to take the mickey a bit which he sometimes does. However, the Dragons weren’t short of compliments either. But at the end of the day they didn’t understand Visorcat’s potential in motorcycling – this is the only product that allows the motorcyclist to safely clean and wipe the visor while riding.”

A world first, Visorcat received the Institute of Advanced Motorists’ ‘IAM Likes’ accolade for road safety when it was launched in 2013. It is available from www.visorcat.com.

Visorcat is a complete visor cleaning system for motorcyclists that enables them to keep the visor clean while riding – the equivalent of a car’s windscreen wash/wipe system.

The Visorcat contains a reservoir for visor cleaning fluid, a highly absorbent sponge, and twin wiper blades in one simple unit that fits over the glove. The sponge is covered by a flap which automatically opens when the device is used to clean, and closes during the wiping operation.

For further information about Visorcat, see www.visorcat.com. Jill is available for interview, tel 07920 145706, or email jill@visorcat.com.