High Flying Dunbar Kite Display - Summer 2014 Winterfield Park

A spectacular display of kite flying will be taking place in Dunbar’s Winterfield Park on Fridays when Andrew Beattie will be flying his giant kites in ‘stacks’ to give the maximum impact.

fish kite

 Andrew who lives in Fife and is an experienced kite flier has amassed a large collection of amazing kites, many of which are designed by world famous designer, Peter Lynn.  Andrew is also part of the Kuwaiti – Al-Farsi Kite team which fly the world’s largest kite, ‘Little Pearl’ a giant inflatable kite at 1200 square metres.

 Dunbar Trades’ Association, chairman Steven Hill is thrilled to have this world class display coming to Dunbar as part of Civic Week. ‘Kiting can involve a lot of things,’ commented Steve, ‘for some people it is a creative process, an art form, where making the kite is the most important part. For others, especially the people who fly stunt kites, it is more for the sport and to have a kite festival in Dunbar of this standard is tremendous and provides residents and visitors to Dunbar and East Lothian with an unique opportunity to see and experience kite flying.

kite flying

One of my joys is to involve total strangers in my flying, to let them experience the feel of the kite’ says Andrew Beattie. ‘Sometimes they get involved, sometimes not. This does not bother me. I feel that someone's life is incomplete unless they have gained some understanding of what kite flying is about and you can't get that without holding the line for yourself.’

Kite flying is quite an ancient form of recreation -- and it hasn't always been just for laughs. It's likely that the Chinese were flying kites 2,000 years ago, and there are several Japanese legends and festivals that involve kites. One in particular involves a hero chasing the sun back into its proper orbit using a kite. In Bali and Malaysia, kite flying is a traditional part of their religion.

In more modern times, kites have been used during war to allow observers to keep tabs on enemy positions. These guys were probably the forerunners of the paratroopers. ‘Man-lifting’ is still practiced by some kiters today, although it's considered to be a little geeky amongst serious kite flyers.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to view and experience kite flying at Winterfield Park on Fridays all day. And Remember to visit Dunbar High Street to pick up a bite to eat to take along.