Dunbar Street Art

Love it or hate it art adds conversation and intrigue where ever it crops up. The Dunbar Trades Association have been working with local artist MiMiC Art to trial a way to turn our chewing gum encased bland pavements into works of art. The trial was a success and further adventures into the world of street art are going to happen throughout the summer.

We would be delighted to hear from any artists who would like to try their hand at chalk pavement art, with a list of high street traders happy to have them set up a design outside their shop. Please email chairman@dunbar.org.uk for more details.


Martin McHale of MiMiC Art does a wide variety of activities to help raise money for a charity close to his heart http://esuk.uk.com/ helping to fight unnecessary deaths cause by epilepsy in the UK.

Some of the Dunbar Trades Association other summer events can be found here:

From free history tours to buskers and Kite flying you are sure to find some great reasons to visit the high street.