Trades Association promoting Dunbar

One of the key objectives of the Dunbar Trades Association is to promote Dunbar as a great place to visit, stay and enjoy. We have been working hard to improve the website adding history of many of the great tourist attractions we have; Harbours, High Street Closes, Parks, Woods and more.


For visitors finding Dunbar is not always as obvious as you would think and literally thousands of people travel past Dunbar without ever knowing the delights it holds. Thankfully with help from East Lothian Council we have 3 new signposts directing would be visitors to our great town centre, the Heart of Dunbar. On the A1 Northbound we have had a new brown sign placed highlighting the town centre and harbours, between Dunbar Garden centre and ASDA we have a new sign directing visitors to the town centre, and on the exit from East Links Family Park (another great tourist attraction) we have a sign directing people to Dunbar town centre.


We have also been distributing thousands of copies of the Discover Dunbar brochure which gives potential visitors a flavour of what Dunbar has to offer, including a handy map. Copies are available in many of your local shops.

This year the John Muir Festival gives Dunbar the unique opportunity to reach a global audience. Already we have Discover Dunbar brochures being distributed to visitors at Yosemite National Park and John Muir Way merchandise being worn by guides.

As well as promoting the town to visitors and tourists we also continue to promote and push Dunbar as a place to shop local. With so many amenities on offer often people struggle to find out what is here, so we will continue to build easier to access or find information about your town. Alongside getting the current information out we are also working with local historians to unlock the history of Dunbar, which surprises many locals. Keep checking the website for new updates, and remember you can leave feedback or suggest content. Our whats on section is free for all to use and we are always happy to receive any suggestions for pages/articles/pictures.