John Muir Celebrations Wisconsin

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Shahla Werner, Director of the Wisconsin Chapter of the Sierra Club spoke at Saturday’s John Muir Birthday Hike at John Muir Park about the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. The Wilderness Act was signed into law on September 3, 1964 by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The bill established the National Wilderness Preservation System (NWPS) and set aside an initial 9.1 million acres of wild lands for the use and benefit of the American people. The NWPS was established for the use and enjoyment of the American people and provides many direct and in-direct benefits, such as those relating to ecological, geological, scientific, educational, scenic, spiritual, economic, recreational, historical, and cultural uses and activities. To learn more about the Wilderness Act and the NWPS, visit, the official wilderness information website providing both general information about wilderness and specific information about each of the 757 wilderness areas. If you visited the ice caves in far northern Wisconsin this winter, you were in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore wilderness area.

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Wisconsin Friends of John Muir celebrated John Muir’s 176th birthday on Saturday with events at John Muir Park in the morning and music and a birthday cake in Vaughn Hall in Montello in the afternoon. Left, board member Lynn Bult baked the beautiful birthday cake while she and Daryl Christensen and WFJM President Tiffany Lodholz sported John Muir Way T-shirts and hat that were sent to the board members by the Dunbar T-Shirt Shop in Dunbar, Scotland, John Muir’s birthplace, for the celebration of the opening of the John Muir Way, a walk from John Muir’s Birthplace to the first national park in Scotland. The official opening of the trail was on April 21st and folks signing up for the John Muir Scotland Tour through Outta-Here Travel in Oxford, Wisconsin which will take place in spring of 2015 will have a chance to walk part of the route. For more information on the 2015 tour contact Brenda at

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Wisconsin Friends of John Muir Secretary Bev Butcher demonstrated the sound of a rain stick to some young concert goers at Saturday’s John Muir Birthday bash in Vaughn Hall in Montello. Other members of the Prairie Sands band Barb Barton and Karen Wollenburg look on.