The John Muir Way

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The John Muir Way will take you from west to east on a coast to coast journey through central Scotland. Taking in key locations along the way you might want to spend time in each to find hidden treasures of Scotland’s history get in touch with nature or simply discover a place you have never visited.

Location                                               Something to discover

Helensburgh                                       The Hill House

Balloch                                                 Balloch Castle

Strathblane                                           Mugdock Castle

Kilsyth                                                  Banton Loch

Falkirk                                                  Falkirk Wheel

Linlithgow                                             Linlithgow Palace

South Quensferry                                 Black Castle

The Meadows                                       Arthur’s Seat

Prestonpans                                         Mural Trail

North Berwick                                      Seabird Centre

Dunbar                                                John Muir Birthplace