John Muir Stone Stacking Challenge

The first ever Stone Stacking Challenge comes to Dunbar on Saturday 23rd April 2016. The event will take place on Dunbar's glorious East Beach. From 11am till 4pm.

This is one of the first events of this kind in the UK, bringing together skills of traditional cairn building alongside artistic expression of rock balancing.

Updates will be provided via Facebook


What is Stone Stacking?

Stone stacking is an art-form in which rocks are stacked on top of one another to form different shapes without the use of anything other than the rocks and gravity.

There are many people who undertake this activity across the globe with the world rock stacking championships in Texas annually.

This past time is a great way to reconnect with the environment around you and can produce exceptional temporary works of art.

For more information about techniques and famous rock stacking artists please visit




What else is going on during the event?

Free Music Featuring:

C.o.G Echo Consciousness

Melissa & Graham Cairns

GBH and the Rare Tender Version

Terry McDermott

Logan's Close

Callum Easter

Roy Moller.

Interactive Art by:

Gael Curran Human Hands Massage & stone Energy Workshop.

Herbal Scotland

Paul Togneri Epic Chalk

The Cascade Effect Juggling Workshop with Stuart Clements

Kids Marble Hunt Face Painting Jemima Thews

The event will be family friendly and free to attend. A vibrant and well stocked High Street is literally a stone throw away providing all the services you may need for the day, come rain or shine.

If you have accessibility requirements please message us as we will have Beach Wheelchairs available on the day provided by

Where can we sign up?

If you would like to take part in the Challenge you can sign up by messaging the

Or you can pop Into Dunbar T-Shirt Shop or Flux shop on Dunbar High Street

The John Muir Stone Stacking Challenge will be open to all ages! (6yrs & above for safety reasons) The main Competition will be for 12 yrs and Upwards. Which will have a £5 entry fee. With freebies for competitors,

Monies raised will help fund an exhibition of photographs of the event, at the Town House Gallery upstairs. From 6th May.

There will also be a free children's competition , for 6-12 year olds.

If you want to come along and watch get involved with the other activities and have a practice yourself for free just turn up on the day!

How can we get involved?

If you want to get involved on the day by helping or bringing along your own artistic exhibition please get in touch with us via Facebook.

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