During the summer months we are lucky to have Andrew Beattie of Tug.com bring a display of world class kites to Winterfield park. The park with it's views out over the sea to the bass rock makes it a stunning location to have these sky monsters displayed. With Dunbar renowned for a healthy breeze it is the perfect climate to have this type of attraction.

The kites can be seen for miles around attracting speculative visitors who would otherwise be passing through. Of course not only can you revel in the lifelike movements of these gigantic kites there is also an opportunity to have a go with a more manageable kite of your own. With expert on hand advice about the best way to fly.

One of my joys is to involve total strangers in my flying, to let them experience the feel of the kite’ says Andrew Beattie. ‘Sometimes they get involved, sometimes not. This does not bother me. I feel that someone's life is incomplete unless they have gained some understanding of what kite flying is about and you can't get that without holding the line for yourself.’

Kite flying is quite an ancient form of recreation -- and it hasn't always been just for laughs. It's likely that the Chinese were flying kites 2,000 years ago, and there are several Japanese legends and festivals that involve kites. One in particular involves a hero chasing the sun back into its proper orbit using a kite. In Bali and Malaysia, kite flying is a traditional part of their religion.

In more modern times, kites have been used during war to allow observers to keep tabs on enemy positions. These guys were probably the forerunners of the paratroopers. ‘Man-lifting’ is still practiced by some kiters today, although it's considered to be a little geeky amongst serious kite flyers.


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