Dunbar High Street is the ideal location for Busking with it's wide pavements and plentiful coffee shops the atmosphere on one of it's famously sunny days is enhanced by some great local talent. The Dunbar Trades Association approached some of the local talent to spur on an increase in busking activity by having a special busker Saturday event. The event brought together local business and local musician to create a daytime mini music festival. With 7 indoor locations and 7 talented bands/artists we created a great atmosphere for locals and visitors.

Since it's beginning busker Saturday has been spoken about fondly and many of the businesses have retained a relationship with the local artists inviting them down to play and entertain the shoppers.

What is Busker Saturday?

Busker Saturday is an event launch to kick start the busking activity which happens on the high street over the summer months when there are more visitors to the area. But having concentrated mini music festival we are able to showcase the many talents and wet the appetite of business owners and talent to continue busking over the summer. By showcasing and promoting both the town and the local music talent everyone benefits.

Why is Busking Important to the Shop Local Campaign

A community is made up of a collection of many different people and organisations. Whether it is locally owned businesses or local artist or musicians it is important the community all support and help each other. Music has a positive effect on visitor experience and increases the time spent in and around the high street. This has benefit to local business because there is more chance for something to catch a shoppers eye, or perhaps visitors will stay for lunch and taste some of the wonderful food produced locally. It also provides new contacts and networks to the musicians, a new revenue stream (income from busking is between £20 and £80 for two hours) and plenty of practice time.

How can you get involved?

If your a local or non local musician and want to come and play in Dunbar please contact the DTA @ Chairman@dunbar.org.uk who will be happy to provide you with a local business contact who can welcome you at the start of the day and provide you with facilities. We have also created a facebook page to bring together premises and musicians around the town: https://www.facebook.com/buskersaturdaydunbar

If you would like to create a music event like this in your high street you can contact us and discuss our experience. We are always happy to help any high street regeneration and share best practice.

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Special Thanks to


Lorraine Ferguson from Graze Coffee & Chocolate House

Steven Hill from Dunbar T-Shirt Shop


Wesley Bradd local musician.