Dunbar is full of some of the countries finest public art, from traditional to contemporary and many artists call Dunbar home. The Dunbar Street Art Trail is your chance to experience art in and around Dunbar, one of Scotland's most historic town centres.

Aswell as workshops and music events Dunbar Street Art Trail has two main events, The European Stone Stacking Championship and The Dunbar Street Art Trail, both events bring thousands of visitors to the area and provide a great experience for visitors and locals alike.


Do I need a Ticket?

The ethos of the Dunbar Street Art Trail is to be free at the point of delivery. This means you can buy some local gifts, food or drinks and help Dunbars local economy.

How can I get around?

Dunbar has plentiful parking and travel from Edinburgh by bus or train is available. Travel details can be found here. The Train services from Edinburgh are quick and direct.

How is this project funded?

The project is mainly funded by the Dunbar Trades association, East Lothian Council and business sponsorship. We hope to create economic activity in the town on the day to ensure all businesses in the town experience an uplift. We also hope that the legacy of the event will live on through social media in picture form showcasing the best that Dunbar has to offer. So remember BRING A CAMERA! And remember to utilise the hashtag #dsat