Established around 1948, Dunbar Trades’ Association (DTA), or Dunbar Traders as it was known then, was formed by individual traders, who on returning from the Second World War wanted to return Dunbar to its former glory.

Golf courses had been ploughed. Beaches were dotted with sea defenses, rationing was still in place and fewer people had time for holidays.

Through hard work and determination slowly but surely Dunbar was put back on the map as an A1 holiday destination and as a town of distinction with a vibrant economy.

More than 60 years later, DTA continues working with the community and aims to promote a forward thinking business environment to take the town into a new phase of development.

With over 70 members consisting of a wide variety of trades’ represented by farmers to gallery owners, professional advisers to tourist attractions. Being a member of the DTA provides a platform for your views to be voiced and initiatives pushed forward. It also adds strength to your business being part of a recognised association which works well with local government and other local bodies. 

Dunbar Trades’ Association is very much involved in the community and we are constantly looking at ways in which we can improve, not only the visitors’, but local inhabitants’ experience of shopping and visiting Dunbar. 


Over the years we have undertaken a number of projects. The purchase of planters, flower tubs and window boxes. The design and installation of lamp-post banners; community cleaning of high street and litter pick; assistance with Christmas lights; cleaning of pavements; production of Discover Dunbar brochure; window dressing competitions and so on.

For a membership fee of £50 you can be part of an association which continually works hard at promoting Dunbar and the local infra-structure.

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