Dunbar Traders Association was instituted approx. in 1948

Dunbar Trades’ Association was incorporated date and re-named Dunbar Trades’ Association in 2000.

Constitution amended 14 February, 2014



1) The Association shall be called ‘The Dunbar Trades’ Association’ (DTA) and operate in the EH42 area. The aims and objectives of the DTA Association shall be to:

1.1) Work together to provide a vibrant and attractive shopping/visiting experience with a wide range of independent shopping outlets, accommodation providers, tourism attractions, trades and professional services, specialising in quality local products, personal service and good value.

1.2) Generate a robust business community, gathering together collective views, expertise and experience in order to improve business opportunities in the EH42 area.

1.3) Work with and be a part of the community.  Strive to ensure the protection of all member Trades and the furthering of commercial and community interests, which will be of benefit to the local environs. To  take such measures as are considered appropriate by members to initiate and to support the marketing and promotion of the town.  The Association shall be non-political.

1.4) Act as a forum for information, discussion and shared  experiences to create a body which can interact with other influential agencies to help shape the future of the Town and EH42     

Any alterations of the Constitution must be passed at a duly convened General Meeting of the Association, or an extraordinary general meeting, by a simple majority of members present and shall be effective from the time said motion is passed.

2:00     Membership

 [Membership is open to] Any lawful trade/business/profession within the EH42 areas whether an individual, partnership or company is eligible to join the Dunbar Trades’ Association. In doing so they agree to pay a yearly subscription and agree to abide by the constitution and any rules laid down by the association. There will be two types of membership as set out below:


  • Full Member

      • Annual fee of £50

      • Benefits as listed in membership pack

      • One vote per membership.

      • Required attendance at Quarterly Association Meetings apologies in writing to Committee if unable to attend to facilitate a catch up meeting or communication.

      • Agree to fully participate at events and meetings where possible.

      • Must abide by the rules set out in the constitution and further the objectives of the association.


  • Associated Member

      • Annual fee of £30

      • Non-voting member

      • Benefits as listed in membership pack.


Each paid up full membership carries one vote (repetition).  In the case of a company, that            company shall nominate a representative to have the right to vote on their behalf.  Any member may use a named substitute to vote on their behalf at the AGM as long as they inform the Secretary in writing before the meeting.

For decisions with regards to general business/discussions the majority vote of present members will be acted upon.

All types of trades and commercial organisations are eligible for membership, only privately owned businesses will be eligible for committee membership.


3:00     Annual Subscription

Each member shall pay an Annual Subscription as set out above, commencing 1st March for the ensuing year.

4:00     The Office-Bearers

The committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting and consist of up to eleven members and be no less than six members. The office bearer position may be shared by two members


            -           Chairman

            -           Vice-Chair

            -           Secretary

            -           Treasurer

            -           Plus up to seven other Committee Members

 The Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall retire annually at the date of the Annual General Meeting, but shall be eligible for re-election. Nominations for the offices of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer shall be lodged with the Secretary fourteen days before the Annual General Meeting.  In the event of any member of Committee resigning or otherwise ceasing to be a member of the Committee during his or her term of office, the Committee may at its discretion, co-opt another member for the unexpired term.  One-third of members of Committee meeting shall form a quorum [see below].

A committee member may be removed from office by calling an Extraordinary General Meeting.  Two-thirds of the voting members present will be required to agree with their removal from office unless a breach in the rules has occurred in which case the committee has the power to remove that person accordingly.

Each committee member has one vote.  In the event of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have an additional casting vote.

Quorum for meetings:  Two Office Bearers and five other committee members shall be the minimum (7).  Voting shall be by a show of hands.  In the event of voting being equal, the chairman of the meeting shall in addition to his/her normal vote, have the casting vote.

5:00     The Annual General Meeting, of which twenty-one days notice shall be given to every member, shall be held in March to consider the Report of the Committee and the Financial Statements for the year preceding 28th or 29th February and to elect Office-Bearers for the ensuing year.  The Financial Statements shall be certified by one auditor.

6:00     Special/Extraordinary General Meetings, of which fourteen days notice shall be given to members, may be called by the quorum Committee or by five ordinary members.

7:00     Withdrawal of membership:

 Members are expected to conduct themselves at all times with consideration for the interests of fellow members.  Disregard for this rule shall render a member liable for action by the Committee.  The Committee shall call for written and verbal evidence and shall call the member before the Committee to explain their actions.  Any action by the Committee shall be in writing to the member concerned explaining the decision.  Where membership is withdrawn, all rights and fees are forfeited forthwith.

8:00     Resignation from membership:

Notification of resignation of the membership of the Association must be given in writing to the Secretary no later than 31 December to terminate membership for the following year.  Where a member fails to pay their annual subscription, after 1 month of receipt of invoice, membership will have deemed to have lapsed and all benefits of membership current at the time will be immediately withdrawn.

9:00     Rules for the removal of a member:

No member is empowered to speak on behalf of the association without the authority of the Chair, vice chair or secretary.

Removal of a member will occur if a member:


-           Allows their subscription to lapse

-           Discredits or causes harm to the association and its members

-           Or for any other reason determined by a two-thirds voting majority at an open



The procedure for the removal of a member is as follows:


-           Letter describing the reasons to be given by the committee and sent to the member

-           Response obtained from the member, either in writing or from a minuted

            conversation with the member

-           Scheduled or Extraordinary Meeting of the committee to review the case

-           Majority vote will determine action and the member shall be informed in    writing of the decision within seven days of the meeting

-           If the member does not agree with the decision to remove their membership then they shall have the right to attend the next Association Meeting and put forward their case.  The decision of that meeting is final.

-           If a member has their membership terminated by the association there will be         no repayment of any fees paid.